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Be Inspired everyday you are at work.

Rules of No’s for Today:

Don’t gripe or complain- Talk positively, even in difficult or in situations you don’t like.
Don’t argue with your co-workers: Instead of arguing, communicate on a professional level.
Don’t belittle your co-workers: Encourage them, give constructive criticism
Don’t accept projects that you are not able to complete: Don’t overload yourself

You are there to complete your daily employee duties. Do your best and avoid or reduce stress. If you find yourself complaining on your job, hating to go to work, that indicates that you don’t LOVE your job. You are basically working for a paycheck. While you are employed, on your days off, start planning for a career that you will love doing. Don’t create additional stress for you and your co-workers because you don’t like your job.

I encourage everyone to change your plan. Plan to gain employment in a field that you love to work. It is not a good idea to settle, reach for the stars. If your job is not fulfilling, then now is the time to start preparing for change!

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Company News : New Virtual Purchase Center

Branded Administrative Solutions LLC is proud to announce our new Virtual Purchase Center. This Purchase center will have ways to pay invoices, purchase new products and services. Purchase center includes office desks,

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equipment, supplies, office bundles for individuals working from home, office equipment installation and decor services, professional and career clothing and shoes.

Items are being added daily. Another announcement will posted when all items have been posted to our new purchase center.

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Branded Administrative Solutions LLC.

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Welcome To Our Blog:

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