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We will be starting a Live Video broadcast for job seekers. It will be posted on our website, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter Accounts.  Broadcast will include  available careers of all types. Join my facebook network for updated airing times. If you are looking for a career, you will not want to miss out on these opportunities.

Full descriptions and where to apply will be posted.


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Are you looking for a  new career rather from home or standard brick and mortar job. Branded Administrative Solutions LLC, will be sending weekly emails for job openings in your area. Please email us to be sent these weekly emails. Although some will be posted on our website, there will be many that are not included on our website.

Please specify if you would like the listing for work from home positions, standard jobs or business opportunities( all business opportunities require investment).

All work from home positions are legitimate W2 jobs.  Most of the jobs are customer service, auditors, technical support, billing and inspectors.

Please send all inquiries to

Build your team today!


                                                          BUILDING BUSINESSES 

We just started an opportunity geared to business minded people  . If you are a business owner and would like to expand your business services, multi- stream your income , increase your income and help others build their business.   If you are employed,  and not satisfied with our career, would like to supplement your income and ready to try something different  with a great team.  Contact us for more information.

Schedule an appointment to visit my office  to learn more about this amazing opportunity.  Send  replies to and someone will give you a  call within 24 hours.

Begin work today and reap the benefits tomorrow!!

Be blessed!

Hiring Now! Recruiter Assistants

Branded Administrative Solutions LLC is HIRING!!!


We are seeking for part-time recruiting assistants to work remotely. Excellent job for someone who desires to get experience in the HR and Recruiting Industry. Excellent for high school and college students.

• Excellent verbal and written communication
• 1 year of Microsoft Office Skills
• 6 months to 1 year customer service
• Receptionist experience
• Must have high speed internet connection and land line phone

Job Description:
• Responsible for contacting candidates for phone screening, scheduling interviews, posting career opportunities to various social media and job board sites.
• Filing Resumes
• Organizing company files
• Emailing candidates on status and responding to emails

If you are interested in this position, please forward resume to





Jobs Everywhere!

Jobs Jobs Jobs……….


We have many jobs available now from nursing positions to engineering. Job coverage area will be located in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi,  North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, California, Ohio, Washington and Louisiana areas.  If you are seeking work in any of these locations, please subscribe to my blog or my website to get updates. We also are posting these jobs on our facebook job page.

Most jobs we post are as follows:

Customer Service, Engineering, Managerial, Administrative Assisting, Secretarial, Sales, Medical and Nursing, Technicians, Technology, Database Administrators and Warehouse positions.

If you see a job that you interested in,  please select apply and send a copy of your resume to All jobs will not be listed on this website, however, if you are seeking employment that is not listed on this website or facebook page, please contact us and let us know what type of career you are seeking.

For Employers: If you are in need of our HR, Recruiting and Staffing Services, please free to contact us at 478-336-5024 or 478-250-8287 to leave a message. 

Looking forward to working with employers and job seekers in 2017.  Excited for more to come in 2018.  We are your #1 source to find the best candidates, train candidates and  staffing solutions. In addition, to assisting employers, we help individuals find Great Career Opportunities!!

Thanks for reading!

Branded Administrative Solutions LLC.

Inspiration Corner For the Day!!

Be Inspired everyday you are at work.

Rules of No’s for Today:

Don’t gripe or complain- Talk positively, even in difficult or in situations you don’t like.
Don’t argue with your co-workers: Instead of arguing, communicate on a professional level.
Don’t belittle your co-workers: Encourage them, give constructive criticism
Don’t accept projects that you are not able to complete: Don’t overload yourself

You are there to complete your daily employee duties. Do your best and avoid or reduce stress. If you find yourself complaining on your job, hating to go to work, that indicates that you don’t LOVE your job. You are basically working for a paycheck. While you are employed, on your days off, start planning for a career that you will love doing. Don’t create additional stress for you and your co-workers because you don’t like your job.

I encourage everyone to change your plan. Plan to gain employment in a field that you love to work. It is not a good idea to settle, reach for the stars. If your job is not fulfilling, then now is the time to start preparing for change!

Work From Jobs Listing


More at home job listings will be posted regularly. Subscribe to receive updates and company newsletters.

If you are looking for work at home jobs that are not scams. Please send us an email at to be added on our work at home job listings.

When applying for job at Concentrix, please use my name as a referral.

You can also videos, insights and regular jobs also on my business page at

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Share your success and bless others!

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