Help for Amazon Job Seekers

Help for JOBS. Looking to Hire 1100 employees

Good morning Everyone:

Here is help for you!

This is a quick blog for all our job seekers that are trying to get on at Amazon in Macon, GA. I know you have noticed that when you look for these jobs in Macon, sometimes they are not listed or show available.

Amazon is very organized and they have a system in place,where these openings are scheduled to drop on certain days and times.

What you need to DO!

  • Visit this site:
  • Register for your profile
  • Check for job opening in your area on the right side of the screen
  • If they are not available, Amazon haven’t dropped them yet

Beginning this Friday, August 23- Monday, August 26th. They will be dropping available jobs. At that time, go ahead and apply. You must apply at this time. I repeat, you must check your email often. On your phone, if you don’t have your personal email app on your phone. I recommend you to get that done ASAP. If you have your email app on your phone, you will not miss these notifications.

They will send notifications only by email.

  • Check your email often throughout the day
  • Check Amazon job website often during this period
  • Get prepared for assessments
  • Research about the company
  • Educate yourself about their interview process
  • Keep your notifications to receive all communications from Amazon
  • Dress professionally
  • Make sure you have an updated Drivers License, if it is expired, they will turn you around, they will not continue the process
  • Make sure you have 2 forms of ID. Social Security Card and Driver’s License

I will update you on what I have regarding the interview process,assessments and more.


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