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Good morning Everyone:

Here is help for you!

This is a quick blog for all our job seekers that are trying to get on at Amazon in Macon, GA. I know you have noticed that when you look for these jobs in Macon, sometimes they are not listed or show available.

Amazon is very organized and they have a system in place,where these openings are scheduled to drop on certain days and times.

What you need to DO!

  • Visit this site:
  • Register for your profile
  • Check for job opening in your area on the right side of the screen
  • If they are not available, Amazon haven’t dropped them yet

Beginning this Friday, August 23- Monday, August 26th. They will be dropping available jobs. At that time, go ahead and apply. You must apply at this time. I repeat, you must check your email often. On your phone, if you don’t have your personal email app on your phone. I recommend you to get that done ASAP. If you have your email app on your phone, you will not miss these notifications.

They will send notifications only by email.

  • Check your email often throughout the day
  • Check Amazon job website often during this period
  • Get prepared for assessments
  • Research about the company
  • Educate yourself about their interview process
  • Keep your notifications to receive all communications from Amazon
  • Dress professionally
  • Make sure you have an updated Drivers License, if it is expired, they will turn you around, they will not continue the process
  • Make sure you have 2 forms of ID. Social Security Card and Driver’s License

I will update you on what I have regarding the interview process,assessments and more.


Jobs in Middle Georgia

Hello Job Seekers Everywhere

We are now covering the Middle Georgia area and also posting WAH from all over the US. We will begin targeting Alabama and Florida areas in September. We will expand all over the US within the next 6 months.

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Employers and Positions:

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August Company News

We are launching a new job directory board to help job seekers find jobs and employers find candidates. The stress of going through a huge pool of employers and job seekers are out of the door now. Our directory will be user friendly, small but effective directory of available work at home positions, as well as onsite positions across the US. We are so happy to help you find the perfect career, business opportunity rather from home or onsite. Listed below are links for current positions that are available.

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