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Human Resource Management

Human resource is the term that describes all the people associated to your workplace. Your organization will run smooth if individual assessment is up-to the mark. The biggest challenge a small business has to face is to find the man power and to manage it. Experts say that a company shouldn’t hire people for the right department but for the right task. 

Our company offers many services in the human resource department that our essential in rotating tasks management within the working area. First of all, what upper-hand you will get if you choose to hire our resource? Here are some of the advantages: 

• Cost effective services 

• Saves space of hiring an in-office staff 

• Dedicated and hardworking team at your disposal 

• Personality of your brand is maintained 

• Utilizing the right set of skills for the right task

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Training and Development

We train your employees according to your company's skill set. Employee training improves productivity, quality work and success within your company.

Recruiting and Selection

In the market to receive the best candidate that possess the background, skills, expertise adn knowledge of your requirements.

Branded Video and Telephone Interviews

Branded Interviews both voice and video are less costly, complements your business and you are able to make an informed selection for the best candidate. Review in real time or go back to review recording.

Talent Research 

We digitally create virtual career fairs for your company, employment agencies, career centers, socially connect to professional websites to locate talent.

Training and Development

A business needs to improvise constantly and continual development is one of the essential pillars of inducing total quality management. Our company offers exceptional training in customer service, technical support, project management, inspection and testing and data entry. Following are the details of our services offered in employee training: 

• Corporate training 

• Training in project management,new product, production, company job performance 

• Covering all basic customer service training 

• Training of all the basic and latest data entry software

• Training in managing emails and technical support

Recruiting and Selection

Recruitment is essential for any business because it involves choosing the right people for the right job. Many companies choose to outsource the recruitment process to many recruitment agencies. These agencies help the company hire the right people. 

Our recruiting process includes a very detailed survey of all the potential candidates through authentic websites and job portals. Following are the services included in our recruitment and selection process.  

• Association with popular online platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Quora

• Tracking the right applicants through online application submission 

• Hiring and managing recruitment agencies 

• Managing campaigns and online selection forums

• Scheduling interviews through telephone, video and web sessions

• Creating job descriptions and shortlisting candidates 

• Checking of references, certifications and qualifications

• Notifying and flagging applicants. 

Branded Video and Telephone Interviews

This is an essential step in our recruiting process, where we conduct interviews via telephone and web cams and company branded videos. This step gives us an edge in conserving the quality of man power we like to provide our clients. It is to ensure that our recruitment process completes all necessary standards of selection. Here are the details of our interview criteria: 

• Scheduling interviews 

• Creating interview panels 

• Scheduling and conducting telephonic interviews 

• Arranging and scheduling interviews via web sessions 

• Managing emails resumes and cover letters

Talent Research 

We have a very wide reach of searching for talent through authentic sources. Man power is recruited through proper channels and platforms like virtual career affairs where talented opportunists participate to be selected. Renowned employment agencies are marked; career centers are approached and organized and finally non-profit organizations are located to hunt required talent.

Here is the detail of our talent research criteria: 

• Flagging applicants on online platforms 

• Sending out spot on job descriptions 

• Collaboration with leading recruiting agencies 

• Publishing online applicant surveys 

• Synchronization with social media platforms 

• Organizing career fairs and forums



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