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Customer Service and Technical Support

Every company tries its best to keep their customers satisfied and happy. A company makes a product to sell it to a customer and if a customer likes it he will come back and buy it again and this is the reason a customer keeps coming back to a particular brand. A customer relies on his experience and a good experience will make the company`s brand shine. 

This satisfaction comes from excellent customer and technical support. Research says that about 75% of the callers disconnect when they hear a voicemail. Nearly all the callers leave a message if a live attendant is at the other end of the line. So the importance of having a strong customer and management relation is thus essential and this is what our company is great at doing. Our services include an array of services such as answering inbound calls, customer satisfaction surveys, technical support for your company, email management support, maintaining service records and follow up calls to your clients.

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Inbound and Outbound Call Types

Handling inbound and outbound calls for your company,  Calls types we handle are billing,  administrative services
inquiries, service, account changes, cancellations and other requests, new service.

Technical Support

Assist customers with related software or product issues. Tickets are created, monitored calls, password reset and email support

Email Management

Manage customer issues sent via email. Emails are routed to our system and we respond to customer based on your company's guidelines.

Administrative Services

Assistance with company projects such as clerical tasks, typing manuscripts, presentations, travel planning, web services, writing website content, content writing, research, video editing, video training, compliance, marketing and sales

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