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Branded Administrative Solutions LLC


We are a B2B Virtual Outsourcing business that manages companies for success. Company goals are to provide a virtual resource for small businesses to thrive across the board and create jobs for career minded individuals who desire to work in a challenging and rewarding environment from home. We are a multifaceted corporation that offers an array of services to achieve companies missions and strategic outlook. We build on success.

Our speciality is administrative and technical support. Services we provide are a host of services geared to increase revenue, grow and maintain customer base, reduce risks and provide excellent customer service. 

Small businesses or non-profit organization will benefit from our services. It is beneficial; because start up, small businesses and non-profit organization can't afford to employ a staff member with specific expertise needed for day to day operations. We aim to reduce cost while providing quality products and services to excel your business.

Message From The Administrator

Starlette Edwards
Administrator, Owner

Our company has  a mission to serve  small businesses, non -profit organizations and entrepreneurs.  I welcome all businesses to contact us for a meeting to see if we can help you with your business needs. We provide services that will flourish your business. If you are in need of  someone to design your website, complete long overdue tasks or projects, answer your calls, provide technical support for your product or assist with the hiring of your staff, we are able to fulfill short term or long term projects.  

Our company believes in excellent customer service and we will ensure all calls, inquiries and services   meet your company's expectations. We strive to provide the majority of services to grow your business according to your company's goals and missions.  Most services we provide are listed here on the website. However, if you see a service that is not listed, please call us to schedule a consulation.

We offer a varied line of products to improve grow your business,and productivity, increase company morale and equip your employees with necessary tools to succeed.  Please view our services page for the solutions and products we provide. 

Please bookmark this site for videos, discounted products and services, webinars, monthly giveaways, and more resources. 

Thanks for visiting our website and hope to do business with you soon.

Starlette Edwards, Administrator
Branded Administrative Solutions, LLC

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